It wasn’t always like this…

It wasn’t always like this…

We can always find an excuse for not doing something. But the conviction in our hearts is what pushes us to push those excuses aside.

I was in Kitwe last week giving a talk. When it came to the question and answer session, a young lady, from how she phrased her question, built in the assumption that I have managed to write and publish my work because I have money. She drew to that conclusion because from my bio, she realized that I am trained as an accountant but also because I wore some nice threads. She really did refer to the suit I wore and that somewhat, people would receive my products because “I looked successful.”

“It wasn’t always like this…I sold the computer I used to type the first book in order to raise money for printing.” I went further and explained how I walked 30km plus just to find somewhere I could get the work printed at a price I could afford. I walked because I couldn’t even afford money for a bus. In retrospect, I have come to several conclusions about pursuing a dream.

Firstly, how badly you believe in something will be seen in how much you are willing to sacrifice and endure to make it happen. It would have been easy to say I don’t have the resources so I can’t proceed. It would have been easy to say I can’t walk from Lusaka city centre, via longacres to Kabulonga and finally Chelston just to find a printing place. I covered a lot of ground, dusted my shoes several times because of a simple conviction that I was born to do what I was trying to accomplish.

Secondly, there is a price to every dream and only those who are willing to pay it will see the fruit of their labour. Every dream has a price tag. Turning what your heart has conceived into what your eyes can see comes with a set of challenges. But you must always remember that YOUR DREAM IS BIGGER THAN YOUR OBSTACLES so keep at it. Be relentless.

Thirdly, I have learned that some things take time to build and you need to have both the patience and the strength to endure the long difficult process of turning a dream into reality.

Lastly but not at all the least or the conclusion, for there is a whole lot to write; you can always find an excuse for not doing something. So you must decide what you will do. There isn’t enough time, there isn’t enough money, there isn’t enough help and there isn’t enough of whatever you can add to the list. These are things that always come up but you have to know a greater reality; that none of these are big enough to stop you.

You can’t wait for perfect conditions. That’s close to a myth when it comes to making your dreams happen.

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