This is one of those articles I write that doesn’t necessarily take a hard stand on an opinion but rather more of an observation that might bring some insights. I have a friend that works for one of the banks and he was telling me how that a lot of people with money are not exactly the most educated.

I recently made a comment on my social media pages to this effect; “we the ‘uneducated’ are working hard to build businesses that the ‘educated’ will run for us. Please do study hard for we are in need of qualified people who will run our businesses effectively and efficiently.” This is an observation I have paid attention to which made me ask why it is this way.

I believe one of the reasons could be that most educated people have too many options that the uneducated do not necessarily have. You see, when you have qualifications, you can always have another job if you don’t like the one you currently have. I suppose this is why there is a lot of emphasis on education because it does give you options. However, for the uneducated, they don’t necessarily have so many options and therefore have to make something work or remain miserable. Most of them will probably get into a business that they have to make work. Let me reiterate that; THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK or stay miserable.

I would rather be doing what I am doing or be dead.

A large part of success depends on endurance- staying the course in what you choose to do. Those who don’t have so many options develop tenacity because they know they have to make it work or that is it. When things get hard for the one with many options, they take the easy way out and therefore remain mostly average. In 1519, Hernan Cortes; a conqueror landed in Veracruz. The interesting part of his story is that he ordered his men to burn the boats they had gone with. Apparently, the idea was that with burnt boats, they had closed off their way of escape. This meant that they had no option- zero option- but to fight for their lives. As some have put it, in 600 years, that was the first time the other guys where conquered. So, Cortes and his men had no option and so they had to make it work.

I once told some friends of mine that; “I would rather be doing what I am doing or be dead.” Then I further asked, “Is there anything you would rather be doing or be dead?” The idea behind that statement is that the only option I have given myself in my quests in that it must work. If you will embark on anything, make sure you have decided to see it through. And guess what? You will have a lot of reasons given to you why you can’t make it work.

What boats will you burn to get to that place of ZERO-OPTION? Where you just have to make it work?


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