What Is Your Gap?

What Is Your Gap?

By definition, a gap is a space between two people or things: according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Deducing from this, we can see that a gap is the existence of “nothing”. It is a nothingness that separates or keeps two things disjointed.

One important thing to underscore very early is that we all have GAPS. The difference is that some people are more aware of them than others are. For you to be on a consistent growth path, you must be aware of your gaps. In this context, I want to be “generally” specific about the gaps I am referring to: it is the difference between what you are today and what you are capable of being. I can also define it as the difference between what you are today and your dream- that disjoint between what present reality and vision.

Perhaps you are in employment and aspire to get to a particular position. Do you ever ask yourself what you need to become in order to get that position? Do you aspire to be a programs manager at a radio station? Or whatever your space of interest is…

  • What kind of academic qualifications does the position require?
  • What leadership skills does that position demand and how can you gain them?
  • Will you find a mentor?
  • What books will you read?
  • What podcasts will you listen to?
  • And where will you practice your leadership?

Building Bridges

Understanding your gap, on it’s on has no real value if it is not accompanied by some deliberate action to fill that gap- what I call building bridges. Asking yourself such questions will help you understand what kind of Bridges you need to build. A bridge connects you from where you are to where you want to be.

Let me challenge you that in your aspirations to get to certain positions or acquire certain things, who you become is the more important thing. It is obviously not guaranteed that because you have obtained a particular qualification then you will be given the position- that is not necessarily a factor within your control. But that will never take away the fact that you have become worthy of a particular reward/position and it is only a matter of chance before you are rewarded for who you have become.

The other reason you need to identify your gap is that it will help you determine the price you have to pay to become what you aspire to become. The demand on resources of time and money might come into play. However, being aware of your gap will also help you find the most efficient way to build your bridges.

Sometimes, if we are not careful, we become so pre-occupied with activity that simply maintains our current status than bring growth.

Having understood this concept, I want to ask you to define what you aspire for in a few areas and here are some leading questions. Please take time to write some of these in your journal.


  • What is your immediate goal in your career?
  • What is your next goal academically?
  • What kind of family relations would make you happy? Spending more time together?

I am certain you can pick areas that matter in your life and identify the gaps. After doing that, figure out what you can immediately do to build bridges or to reduce that gap.

Sometimes, if we are not careful, we become so pre-occupied with activity that simply maintains our current status than bring growth. My goal is to help you identify your gaps and be deliberate to build bridges so the quality of your life can improve.

If you have any specific question that I could address and help you navigate through, please feel free to ask in the comments section below and I will be more than thrilled to help where I can.



  • Mutale sampa

    Reply May 19, 2017 4:42 pm

    Great content Mr Dario. And one thing i have noticed is that change is not easy, it often demands that we leave our comfort zones or familiar grounds to pursue new frontiers.
    But the problem that we face mainly is finding a person that can stir up our unexplored potential. or whom you can entrust our heart with i mean a person who can believe in even in your wildest or craziest dreams. because we all bear witness that after wheat has been thrown into the grounds it dies and germinates and becomes corn.
    and i mean those very people that will treasure the seed than those who treasure the corn.

    i would like to echo out the quote i just read below, ” the kind of life we want won’t be handed over to us we need to create it.”
    and commenting on this sir i personally need advice because i am travelling down the road i have never being through.
    thank you for the great contents you are sharing with us.

  • praxida mutale

    Reply May 20, 2017 9:56 am

    Write your comment here…thanx a lot dear,this was very helpful……I just want to say that you really inspire me,everyday I look forward to reading an inspirational thought from you,u are a blessing to me

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