I Never Planned To Be A Writer-Dario The Engineer

I Never Planned To Be A Writer-Dario The Engineer

A lot of times I have been asked what got me to start writing. Had you asked me what I wanted to do with my life after high school? I would have unequivocally told you, “AN ENGINEER,”- electrical or something close.

And I was on that path when an event that might have been in many respects tragic occurred. But this wasn’t what led me to become a writer though it did give me time to get on that path of discovering that I had a thing for books.

When I finished my grade 12, there was that year I stayed home waiting for results and then deciding what school to go to. That year was a difficult one because for the first time in a while, I had nothing to do and I wasn’t used to that. But I had so many thoughts running through my head that the only way I found relief was penning them down and so I did.

I wrote things down in a book that I eventually lost. That phase died a natural death and I went on to be forged into one of Zambia’s universities- THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY. In my first year, I still had a lot of things going through my head but no audience to share them with.

I then wrote a four pages brochure that I still have today that I had plans of distributing to willing students at ZIT as we called it. But, for some reason, I only printed one copy which I have to this day. The gentleman who printed it made a simple comment, “you will go far.” I didn’t think so much about his statement.

Tragedy Strikes

Two years later, tragedy struck. I dropped out of UNI and that was the end of DARIO THE ENGINEER. So, I had a lot of time on my hands in 2006 and a lot of thoughts in my head. Aside from dealing with the pain of failure, I had a lot of other things that I was thinking about.

Some of the thoughts were a result of a talk I had given at a school in Nkana East in Kitwe that had to do with potential. I put a lot of thoughts down then one day I had an idea I had no clue would change the direction of my life forever. I figured I could try to produce a book. Just as a side note, be careful what you think. It might just happen.

The Writer Emerges


Picking A Fight Book Cover

In one way, I didn’t know I was embarking on an 8 years plus journey that would be really difficult. I didn’t know that I would have to sell my computer to raise money for printing. I didn’t know that I would have to cover distances of 40km to find printing places because I was too broke to ride a bus.

I didn’t know that there would be a number of people who would question my audacity and put down my efforts. I didn’t know I would be that I would find it challenging to get my own people, Zambians to buy my message. I didn’t know all the DARK side that comes with pursuing a dream like that. I didn’t know THE COST OF MY DREAM.

However, it wasn’t all dark and I will share the thrills of my journey some other time. So, I never really discovered writing…writing discovered me. I have had highs and lows but I have a dream to and every day, every launch and every book draws me close to it.

Our preparations haven’t come without their challenges. I have taken bold steps and every so often I wonder how it will go

Fighting To The Finish


Fighting To The Finish Book Cover

In three (3) weeks time (as of the date this was published first) I will be launching my sixth title FIGHTING TO THE FINISH. A story that is mostly about endurance in times when your dreams and your reality contradict. Hidden in some of what I share in the book is my own story. A thread of me is in there.

Our preparations haven’t come without their challenges. I have taken bold steps and every so often I wonder how it will go.

One thing is certain, it will happen. Full house or not, we will get through with it because what will be happening on March 15th is more than a book launch.

It will be an investment into a future. Not just my future but the future of our people. For the kind of nation we seek will not be handed to us. We have to create it

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