Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Have you ever been asked this question and the immediate thing you begin to do is give a list of what you do? I have; perhaps all the times I have been asked that question.

Even though I do answer that question by giving a list of activities; I often have a sense of uneasiness that alerts me that perhaps I am not answering the question correctly. Sometimes though, I think when we ask that question to others, it is because we have not really thought about what we should be asking.

The answer to that question is actually common to all of us. In fact, it is such a silly answer that if I answered you, you would probably not get so thrilled with me. At the same time, I think it is an important answer because of what it entails.

The question, “who are you?” is a question of IDENTITY. It’s not a question of activity… the things you do. Yet most of us, when asked that question, we give a list of activities:

  • Author
  • Radio presenter
  • Entrepreneur
  • Banker
  • Business person

I suppose, even if the question is simple and the answer to it; we find it difficult to give it. My own thoughts about this question have led me to an answer that has been around “forever”. It is nothing new. So, WHO AM I?

I am a HUMAN BEING. Yes, it is that simple: I am a human being and that is the answer I have started giving. Understanding and embracing the awareness that you are a human being then raises fundamental questions of “what a human being is?” Depending on what you believe to be the origin of man, you will come to the conclusion of what being human means.

Generally, when we consider some attributes of human beings; we realize that we are creative; we have the capacity to imagine things and bring them to “life”. This is one of those attributes that distinguishes us from other living things.

Knowing these attributes builds a sincere appreciation of who you are and therefore what you are capable of. In other words, it opens your mind to realizing your potential. By considering what other human beings have accomplished, you become aware of what you are capable of accomplishing because they are a manifestation of some capabilities that might still be lying dormant in you. This will be a subject for another time though.

So if you ask me; “who is Dario?” I will tell you that I am a human being, explain to you why I answered that way and then go on to answer the question you didn’t ask. “What do you do?”

Today I want you to think about what it means to be human. Go ahead and uncover your IDENTITY. Let me end by saying that the key to answering what it means to be human lies in what you believe your origin to be. That belief plays a critical role in defining what being human is about. And I leave it for your own exploration.

In my next article, I will focus the issue of potential

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