Turning Your Vision Into Sight

Turning Your Vision Into Sight

Let me start by saying something critical: Vision does not determine your destination; it simply defines it. This is absolutely important to understand because a lot of us get caught up in celebrating and talking about our vision. Vision, in simple terms is a statement of your destination. I like to define vision this way: A mental picture of a desired destiny- what you see something becoming.

Today in our country, shopping malls are mushrooming every other day; especially in the capital of Lusaka. Almost every big building being contracted at some corner is a shopping mall. You won’t see what is going on inside but there is a billboard with an image of what what is being built will look like. That image is a representation of vision. A picture that shows you what the end product will look like. It’s not yet physically standing but it will one day.

With a clearly defined and documented vision, everything you do is strategic

What turns vision into sight is ACTIVITY (what you do). Therefore, it is not enough to simply have a flamboyant vision that you slap everyone in the face with. Activity therefore determines where you will end up. It sets your course and your direction. Your vision is the goal post- it is the mark you want to hit. Activity is everything YOU DO that helps you hit the mark. If you envision becoming a medical doctor and decide to study banking; no matter how much you talk about your vision you will never become a medical doctor because your activities are leading you a totally different direction.

Are the activities you do daily leading you to the vision you seek to accomplish? Life does not give you what you wish for or simply visualize. It gives you what you work for. Saying “I want to be a medical doctor”, yet studying banking won’t make you a medical doctor.

Of course, in order for you to have the right activities, you must nail down what your vision is. You must define your end- your destination. Let me give you 3 important keys to turning your life around.

  • Define your destination- Vision
  • Define your process- Activities that will get you there. What is it that you are doing daily to help you turn your vision into sight? What books are you reading? Which people are you hanging out with? Define your process. Let me add something absolutely critical about process. A lot of us focus on results. The thing is that results are incidental; focus on the process and the results will “appear.” Water the seed and the plant will emerge.
  • In line with the previous point; submit yourself to the process. There is a process to becoming a medical doctor and if you can be diligent in that; you will not be denied your place among the sea of medical doctors.

The key therefore to turning your vision into sight lies in ACTIVITY- What you do on a daily basis.

What turns vision into sight is ACTIVITY

I have often said that with a clearly defined and documented vision, everything you do is strategic. To help you become more effective in your activities; check out the article; MAXIMIZING YOUR DAY. It will help you take practical steps to fulfilling your vision. It is a simple process that will help you live your day with precision; with focus; with direction.

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  • Womba

    Reply September 5, 2017 8:45 pm

    Thanks Ulendo. I couldn’t help but go back to my Game Changer Challenge notes… action is really the make or break.

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