Maximizing Your Day

Maximizing Your Day

Hopefully, you have already read the article on how to start your day on a high note: Peak Start. Much as this helps to start your day well; you still have the rest of the day to live through and I want to give you a tool that will help you to maximize your day. The key to effective use of any resource; including time is planning how you will use it. In finances, that plan is referred to as a budget. Essentially, planning helps you to take control of your day instead of the other way round.

There is so much that demands our attention that if we are not deliberate with how we use our time; other activities will take over our day.

With this tool, you will be able to take control, to a large extent, of your day so you can get the most out of it. In keeping with my encouragement to you to have a vision and set out activities that turn your vision into sight (check article on turning your vision into sight), it’s these deliberate daily activities that help you accomplish your vision.

Some important things that will result from this is that you will be actively aware of your:

  • Active hours: the times you spend doing various things
  • Dull times: the times you are not being productive
  • What you are wasting your time on. Are you watching too much television?
  • What you can do to make better use of your resource of time

Gaining control of your day is critical so you can easily say no to some things. Without a deliberate plan of your day, you risk saying yes to everything that comes along. But with a plan, you can say; “I am sorry, I will be busy at that time.” This is merely a guide and shouldn’t make you rigid. Apply wisdom to the demands that come that are not necessarily budgeted for in terms of your time.

The other side to planning your day in advance: even the day before is that you can maximize use of your resources. A good example would be if you know what places you are going to in a day, you can plan certain activities that require you to be in the same areas around the same time. This means you can make one trip and do what you need to do instead of several; burning gas or spending unnecessarily on transport. Here is the form that you can download to help you maximize your day; keeping stock and ensuring that your activities are leading you to your vision.

05:00-06:00 Read: Power of vision done  
06:00-07:00 Prep for work done  
07:00-08:00 Work: Radio done  
08:00-09:00 Work: Radio done  
12:00-13:00 Lunch break x Had to attend meeting
13:00-14:00 Lunch break x Had to attend meeting
14:00-15:00 siesta done  
15:00-16:00 siesta done  
18:00-19:00 Evening exercise done  
19:00-20:00 Dinner done  
20:00-21:00 study done  
21:00-22:00 Study done  
22:00-23:00 Read: Laws of leadership done  

Notice how the shaded areas represent my inactive times as an example: The times when I am resting. I do advise that if it is time for you to rest; turn off your gadgets and just keep an emergency line active: one that is only accessible to a few people that need to get you in case of something that needs your quick attention. You can do a review of your day at the end and plan for the next.

Additionally, you can come to the end the week and review your days. As long as you have stayed faithful to the activities; you will accomplish your vision.

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  • Womba

    Reply September 5, 2017 8:16 pm

    Thank you, this is very helpful. I keep a to-do list note book but sometimes I bombard it with so much to do. Then again I need to be more consistent in using it and apply a more practical approach like the one shared. Thanks again.

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