How do I Know my Dream is from God?

How do I Know my Dream is from God?

I have been asked this question on several occasions and I will labour to give my two (2) cents, or in our case two (2) ngwees worth of “advice”.

Obviously, the very reflection of GOD in the question gives me the liberty to answer it from a “religious view point”. If you are not big on religion, give me the benefit of doubt and read it for the sake of reading it. If you are big on religion, and God to be more specific then by all means consider what I am sharing.

I think you can put your dream through a litmus test by asking yourself a few questions and for this particular article I have only three (3).

Does it glorify and honour God?

If your answer to this particular question is NO, then I will have the audacity to proclaim that it is absolutely not from Him.

Does it bless/build other people?

It is my conviction, based on my observations in scripture that when God calls you to do something, or when He blesses you with something; power, influence, wealth; He generally has other people in mind. The story of the 17 year old Joseph in Genesis 37 is quite telling. The young man is sold to be a slave in Egypt. He later, after many challenging times becomes prime minister in a foreign land.

His wisdom allows him to develop a strategy to store food which helps the nation when a famine strikes. In fact, his own family comes to benefit from his power and influence years after they had betrayed him. As much as it was great for him to be “head of state”, in some sense, it was great for the nation and nations because of his leadership.

Let me suggest to you that when God wants to do something for a particular group of people, he will raise a person He can work with. So, is your dream or about you and you alone? I will suggest to you that if it is, then that too is not from Him. The reality is that, you will benefit from a dream that comes from God, even when others benefit from it. The third question you can ponder on is this:

Does it fulfil you?

Jesus once answered His disciples; “… my meat is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work…” You can find a full account of this in John 4. My understanding of that passage; definitely not the only explanation of it is that essentially the Lord was saying; “… this is what satisfies me. To do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.”

So, have you been wondering if that dream is from God? How does it stand when you put it to the test?

  1. Does it glorify and honour God?
  2. Does it bless/build other people?
  3. Does it bring you fulfilment?

Thank you for taking time to read this article. I trust you have gotten some value out of it. For daily inspiration and practical motivation; check out and like my facebook page: Dario Ulendo Chongolo.

Ulendo… Our Journey!





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  • Mutale sampa

    Reply December 20, 2017 8:21 pm

    Wow Wonderful Message Sir. The Three Litmus test questions are heart-touching.

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