“Focus and subject yourself to ‘the process’. Results are incidental.” 

“Water the seed, and the plant will emerge.”

I hope you found yesterday’s challenge as useful as I did. Today, I would like us to take things to the next level. Building on the opening statement; “Focus and subject yourself to ‘the process’. Results are incidental.” I want to highlight the importance of process. Notice that I say we need to focus on the process… results are incidental. Let me illustrate it this way. When the maize seed is subjected to the right process, you are guaranteed of getting cobs at the end. Therefore, without the right process, you can never get the results. Who we become is much more important than what we achieve.

A lot of times we get caught up in the excitement of simply stating what we choose to be. With the choices we make of becoming something specific, we must appreciate that that will come at a cost and our willingness to do what the majority are unwilling to do is what truly sets us apart. You see, mediocrity is as common as gravel. But you are not mediocre, You Are Exceptional…you are rare and that is why you took this challenge.

Some of you graciously shared your goals in yesterday’s challenge which are quite inspiring. Building the process that will lead you there is the next major step. The question that we are essentially asking today is; what will it take to become the kind of person that you said you want to become? This is the question that allows you to establish the process that you need to subject yourself to so that you get the results you want.

Here is the thing we must settle; it is possible to become what you say you want to become. That is no matter to argue over; it’s a given. It’s possible “to be a great husband and father”; which is the desire of one of the contributors. It’s possible to pioneer a mindset change in Zambia. And yes it is possible to grow into a fashion designer. So what can you do on a daily basis to become the person of your choosing? For instance, I am constantly reading a good book. This helps me develop my writing skills.


Let me ask that you list 3 people who inspire you in a particular area of interest; one in which you want to grow to be like them.

  1. As a writer and speaker: ANDY ANDREWS
  2. As a husband and father: WALKER SCHURZ
  3. As a leader: JOHN C. MAXWELL


Make a list of three (3) people who inspire you in the areas you listed in yesterday’s challenge. If you don’t know of any, search for someone whose life is inspiring in that area.  Having listed who inspires you; what materials of theirs do you feed upon? Remember, armed with your pen and your journal; make that list. Here are my examples:

1 As a writer and speaker Andy Andrews Books, articles, podcasts, videos
2 As a husband and father Walker Schurz Teachings, audio cd’s
3 As a leader John C. Maxwell Books, blogs…


Other things that I have personally discovered are an important part of the processes that help us become the person of our choosing;

  1. The company we keep: You must be deliberate about the kind of people that are influencing your thinking. Find people that are operating at a higher level than you and build relationships with them. If you spend most time with people who are content with business as usual; who desire no growth, you will level down soon enough and become like them. So find yourself some friends that are bent on doing great things. I have often said that we become as smart or as stupid as the people we spend most time with. At some point, we either rise or fall to the level of those with whom we spend most of our time.


  1. The information you consume: With access to so much information, you can deliberately set yourself up to search for knowledge that will help you function effectively. Structure your life in such a way that you will make time to read, listen to audios, watch videos that build you in the area of your choosing.


What is it that you can do daily that will make you become that person you have decided to become?

Block off some time in your day to learn and grow into that man or woman. I highly recommend that you do that in the early hours of your day’s start when you are fresh.

As is our custom; jot down your answers to the following: you can replace the aspirations with your own as I picked these as mere examples.

  • For you that wants to be a great father and husband; who do you/can know that is like that? How can you learn from them?
  • For the fashion designer; who do you look up to in that field? What is it that they do that you should do to become as good?
  • And the pioneer of mindset change in Zambia… who do you know that is effectively transforming mindsets and how can you learn from them?

These questions will help you build your process. Here is what your journal should look like at the end of this;

  1. Names of people who inspire you: 1 in each area you listed. Identify someone who already is what you are aspiring to be.
  2. Materials you will read, listen to and watch to gather knowledge in those areas. If you could read three books in your area of interest; one each month, what would they be? Make a list.

If you can, get their picture or a picture of anything that inspires you in a particular area and frame it nicely if you can then place it somewhere where you can see it consistently. This will keep you inspired.

For every area you listed in yesterday’s challenge, identify someone that you can learn from. Let them be your guide and teacher through there materials. If they don’t have anything they have produced, learn how they became who they are and feed on what they feed on.

Here is our challenge: list three objects that inspire you: it could be a picture of that man/woman you want to be like. Print it out or cut it out of a magazine and “stick” it where you can see it frequently. Bring it in your line of sight. Remember, little adjustments can have tremendous effects. Establish your process. Mine includes all the things I have been highlighting; reading, watching, listening e.t.c

In the comments section, kindly highlight what your process of becoming the person of your choosing includes: This will inspire us to learn from you as well. Look out for Day 3.




“Actions give flesh to dreams.”

In the end, this is what it really comes down to; taking action- taking consistent action. A lot of us give up too easily. When things don’t seem to be going the way we anticipated, we choose to stop and try something new.

It’s relatively easy to define your destination and establish your process because you can do that in the comfort of your room. The result however hinges NOT on what you desire to accomplish but what you do. Act in a manner that is consistent with what you have chosen to become.

Day 3 is really simple in that all I will ask you to do is to use the process you have established to become the person of your choosing. The idea though is that you should break it down to what you can do daily to become the person you have chosen to be. If you could structure a perfect day, what would it look like?

For me, one critical matter is that how you start your day matters as it tends to set a tone on how the day will go. Typically, a good structure to my day starts around 4 a.m with prayer, study and meditation of God’s word. I have decided not to check messages, emails, whatsapp chats or social media in general before I do what sets a positive tone to my day. I don’t want to read anything or hear something that will make me lose focus that early so I feed on the good things.

What are the first 3 things you do when you wake up?

Can you take actions in the morning that build you into the person of your choosing? I pick the morning; early when you wake up because your mind is not crowded. Once you let the day take its course, a lot of things happen that might throw you off. I believe the two important times that you can take advantage of are when you just get up and when you are going to bed. Can you set specific things that you can do at these times that you know will add value to you.

I have told you what I do in the morning. At night, just before bed time, I either listen to a 30 minutes podcast or read a blog. I mentioned that consistent action is vital in becoming the person of your choosing. The things that make or break us are those we have developed the habit of doing consistently.

As we conclude day 3 game changer challenge, I want to share part of the notes in my book; THE GAME CHANGER that I think will help you maximize the benefits of consistent action by keeping your energy high.

“Discover what keeps your energies high.”

…Before you get to the end, I wanted to challenge you to do something that I believe is important in leading us to the destination of our choosing; keep your momentum high; perhaps something worth reiterating here. We obviously know that fulfilling a dream is a journey and we need to keep the excitement and energy levels high. In this regard, you need to discover what gets you motivated and inspired and connect to that on a regular basis. We are most effective when motivated and inspired. We get more done with greater efficiency when there is a rush of blood in our system.

Personally, I frequently listen to audios and watch videos that challenge and inspire me. And every so often, I sit and converse with Felix Galamukani Banda or Pastor Choolwe of The Gospel Envoys Church. I also enjoy the company of Dr. Rozious Siatwambo and taking a look at the projects he is working on.

Exposure helps to remove the limits in my head. It shows me what is really possible and sometimes it leaves me asking if I have real dreams. You need to interact with people who are operating at a higher level than you because you risk being comfortable with the magnitude of your dreams until you see that there are other people who are actually doing much more than you.

I have always discovered that my conversations with these men leave me energetic. Sometimes I just want to know what they are doing or how much money they are making in a day. You might think you are making a lot of money until you hear someone tell you that he was paid $5,000 to speak for a few hours in one day. That does something to your thinking. Actually, at one point, I came across a man who charges $4,000 to go through a particular program with him. This is $4,000 per person. Now you need to watch your thinking as you are reading these figures. What is the structure of your mind in this regard? I know someone might be saying “all that money?”… Watch your thinking because it determines the kind of actions you will take….”

Thank you for taking time to do this challenge with me. I am looking forward to engaging with you next time. Kindly leave a comment below on the first 3 things you will do each morning that can make a huge difference in your life. Plus the last thing before going to bed. Till next time. I will recommend that you read THE GAME CHANGER; it will bring you to a different way of thinking which will lead to a different way of acting- which will lead to different results.





“With A Clearly Defined And Documented Vision, Everything You Do Is Strategic.”

Knowing where you want to go is always a great start to any journey. In that respect, I would like us to begin from there. But, let me put down a few guidelines before I ask the questions I would like you to answer. Preferably, get your journal and a pen so we can write down some things;

The answers you will write down must be subjected to the following:

  1. It must be beneficial to others. It shouldn’t just be about YOU

  2. The factors that determine that end are within your control:

    1. I need to clarify this. For instance, instead of saying that “I want to be president one day”; you can aim at becoming a great leader. Being president is merely a result of people noticing that you are capable of the top job. The reason why this is important is that you do not necessarily have control over how people will vote but you do have control on becoming the kind of leader that others would love to vote into office one day. You cannot peg the success of your goals on the shoulders of other people. What if they do not come through as you assumed they would? A basic example I give is that of planning a wedding. You will be less stressful if you plan things based on what you have rather than the PROMISES others give you.
  3. It must bring honour

Are you ready? Do you have your journal and pen nearby? Great! Let’s get asking and answering.

Considering the guidelines given, list in your journal three (3) things that you would like to accomplish with your life? I will encourage you to list things that you want to look back on and have that sense of having lived a fulfilling life. Let me be the first to share my list:

  1. I am establishing an institute that helps individuals and entities to develop processes that guarantee the attainment of their goals; exceeding expectations
  2. I continue to grow as a writer and speaker that inspires and provokes change; providing tools that bring people to a different place in their thinking; defining new areas of possibilities.
  3. I am in the process of building The Ulendo Retreat Centre that will house one of the largest libraries that will be a marvel among nations.

So, let me put these through a litmus test as you should yours? Please answer the questions in your journal because this will help you have something that you can always look at to remind you of the adventure you have chosen to take.

  1. Is it beneficial to others? Write down 3 ways in which it will be beneficial to others.
    1. ……….. help others maximize their potential
    2. ………… a source of employment
    3. ………… inspire others to have been dreams
  2. Are the factors that can lead towards that end within your control?
  3. Will it bring honour?

I say yes on all accounts.

One of the things that knowing that something is within you control is that it builds your confidence because you know that there is something you can do about it.

The beauty about this process is that you can apply it to different aspects of your life? Finances, health, Relationships, faith e.t.c. You can define the end you want and this would help you do what we are going to be doing on day 2 of the game changer challenge.

In conclusion, I want to ask you if you so wish to share your top 3 things you want to accomplish in the comments section below. I am sure a lot of us will be inspired by them.

Here is your challenge; write that list on a small piece of paper that you can place somewhere you look at daily- perhaps your mirror and read them to yourself every morning during this challenge and beyond- perhaps for 2 weeks. This will reinforce what you have chosen to become. Remember that exceptional people are willing to do what average people are not. And you my dear friend are not average.



The Game Changer Challenge: INTRO


I want to start by thanking you most sincerely for choosing to take part in our three (3) day Game Changer Challenge. I am confident that good things will come out of this. The Ulendo team is always excited to partner with you in helping bridge the gap between your DREAMS and the REALITY you aspire to.

In my latest book; THE GAME CHANGER, I ask the question on what the FUNDAMENTAL difference is between those who are “successful” and those who are not. What we will do the next three days has the potential to set you on a path to leaving the life of your choosing.

I love choices because they result in some absolutes; absolutes in that you can literally achieve what you take action towards. I am thrilled about what this challenge will yield because I know that definite results are ahead of this.

The goal in this challenge is 3 fold:

  1. Define a destination
  2. Establish a process
  3. Take action