“With A Clearly Defined And Documented Vision, Everything You Do Is Strategic.”

Knowing where you want to go is always a great start to any journey. In that respect, I would like us to begin from there. But, let me put down a few guidelines before I ask the questions I would like you to answer. Preferably, get your journal and a pen so we can write down some things;

The answers you will write down must be subjected to the following:

  1. It must be beneficial to others. It shouldn’t just be about YOU

  2. The factors that determine that end are within your control:

    1. I need to clarify this. For instance, instead of saying that “I want to be president one day”; you can aim at becoming a great leader. Being president is merely a result of people noticing that you are capable of the top job. The reason why this is important is that you do not necessarily have control over how people will vote but you do have control on becoming the kind of leader that others would love to vote into office one day. You cannot peg the success of your goals on the shoulders of other people. What if they do not come through as you assumed they would? A basic example I give is that of planning a wedding. You will be less stressful if you plan things based on what you have rather than the PROMISES others give you.
  3. It must bring honour

Are you ready? Do you have your journal and pen nearby? Great! Let’s get asking and answering.

Considering the guidelines given, list in your journal three (3) things that you would like to accomplish with your life? I will encourage you to list things that you want to look back on and have that sense of having lived a fulfilling life. Let me be the first to share my list:

  1. I am establishing an institute that helps individuals and entities to develop processes that guarantee the attainment of their goals; exceeding expectations
  2. I continue to grow as a writer and speaker that inspires and provokes change; providing tools that bring people to a different place in their thinking; defining new areas of possibilities.
  3. I am in the process of building The Ulendo Retreat Centre that will house one of the largest libraries that will be a marvel among nations.

So, let me put these through a litmus test as you should yours? Please answer the questions in your journal because this will help you have something that you can always look at to remind you of the adventure you have chosen to take.

  1. Is it beneficial to others? Write down 3 ways in which it will be beneficial to others.
    1. ……….. help others maximize their potential
    2. ………… a source of employment
    3. ………… inspire others to have been dreams
  2. Are the factors that can lead towards that end within your control?
  3. Will it bring honour?

I say yes on all accounts.

One of the things that knowing that something is within you control is that it builds your confidence because you know that there is something you can do about it.

The beauty about this process is that you can apply it to different aspects of your life? Finances, health, Relationships, faith e.t.c. You can define the end you want and this would help you do what we are going to be doing on day 2 of the game changer challenge.

In conclusion, I want to ask you if you so wish to share your top 3 things you want to accomplish in the comments section below. I am sure a lot of us will be inspired by them.

Here is your challenge; write that list on a small piece of paper that you can place somewhere you look at daily- perhaps your mirror and read them to yourself every morning during this challenge and beyond- perhaps for 2 weeks. This will reinforce what you have chosen to become. Remember that exceptional people are willing to do what average people are not. And you my dear friend are not average.