How Will You Communicate It?

A Question Of Style.

This has to do with approach. Is it going to be in story form or just something direct on how to go about something?

My recent style has been a combination; sharing life principles using fictitious settings; characters, places etc. I like this style because people generally enjoy reading stories yet it still gives me the opportunity to put my message across. Fighting To The Finish is a great example of that style. So is Picking A Fight.


If there is a sequence to what you want to write? Make a list of the topics (chapters) and how they will flow. My approach in writing is that as long as you know the gist of each chapter, you don’t have to finish a chapter completely before starting the next one. You can actually leave it hanging and add content to the one you are ready to write on.

Start writing: At some point, you must construct a sentence.

Example: “I could count the number of people in the room on my fingers; a glance to the right, and another to the left was all I needed, to figure out how many were in attendance. Lloyd; author of GRIND; a now New York Times best-selling author had been a part of that small gathering. And so was Martha; our current head of state. With hindsight, I can confidently say that the numbers that day were not a true reflection of the greatness that was sandwiched between two sets of two walls.”

When you are done writing:

  • Get some feedback from others to help you refine the ideas
  • Get your work edited once you are satisfied that you have accomplished your purpose in writing:
  • You can edit it yourself (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED)

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